M.A.C. S.r.l. designs and manufactures tanks for trucks, trailers and self- supporting for transport of any kind of liquid and product.

- Tanks of every capacity for trucks and self-supporting in stainless steel and light alloy;
- Fuelling junction box on chassis or truck;
- Tanks for fuel transport;
- Caulked tanks for transport of bitumen and hot products;
- Transport of dangerous goods ADR;
- Demountable tanks;
– Transport of food liquid;
- Street washer;
– Tank container;
- Tanks for drinking water;
- Adaptation of bleeding tanks cesspool in compliance with current norms;
- Installation of measuring and pouring groups for gravity draining of petrol and fuel by pump;
- Test M.C.T.C. ;
- Test RINA of tanks, hoses and everything expected;
- Periodic vehicles inspections

Detailed technical specifications are available on request.