M.A.C. S.r.l. provides an excellent and quick quality service, thanks to its high skilled technicians and in particular:

Realizes repairs and maintenances of equipment for refuelling in every italian and foreign airport;
Realizes start-up operations of new aerial refueling vehicle;;
Realizes training of airport personnel assigned for aerial refuelling and for the use of refuelling vehicles.
Guarantees assistance within 24 hours at customers’ location providing for equipment’s repair and providing for spare parts.
Realizes complete vehicles inspections, complete or partial reconstruction of aerial refuelling and not aerial refueling vehicles;
Realizes metric inspections at its customers’ location with authorized plumbing thanks to its own authorized metrology laboratory and thanks to the Chamber of Commerce;;
Realizes every necessary operations in compliance with National and International norms in order to guarantee always the vehicles’ efficiency;
Assistance of equipment, new/used vehicles, bleeding tanks cesspool, road and airport Sweepers, Snow blower, Salt trucks; etc., …

Detailed technical specifications are available on request.